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Putting our weaves back together

August 17, 2009

M. has been having more trouble with weaves entrances lately. So for the last two weeks, we’ve ‘gone back to kindergarten’ using Susan Garrett‘s 2×2 weaves method, especially concentrating on and clicking every offered ‘entrance’.

Unfortunately, after a week of solid entrances in a pair of pole, M. lost entrances again as soon as I moved her up to 4 poles. So this week (and probably next) I’m holding her at 4 poles, clicking correct entrances but giving higher-value rewards for offered right-side and full travel through all 4 poles.

I’m also helping her out using some 12″ garden fencing to create a guard-rail along one side of the poles. And as I discovered in the beginning, in the heat of the 30-minutes-stand M. has hard-wired, I’m just going to have to be patient enough to let her think it through.

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