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When the princess won’t get her feet wet…

August 18, 2009

Last night, in a humid and hot outdoor practice, M’s daily weave practice (and 2×2 entry reinforcement) paid off–I got several good entries, and even a couple runs of 8-12 poles in a row.

I even had a little dog who held her stays and was willing to work in the same field with me, whether the gate was closed or not. (Yippee–finally!)

But the last sequence of the night, a simple tunnel to jump/wrap jump pole back to the tunnel halted in its tracks when the princess realized that there was a puddle left over from the afternoon’s cloudburst in the first few inches of the yellow tunnel.

Agility trainers know that for tunnel-loving dogs, any open hole can turn into a giant dog-sucking magnet–and normally, M’s very good at being sucked into the tunnel. Earlier in the evening, she’d flown through the blue tunnel. But once she realized there was a puddle in the yellow tunnel, she absolutely refused to enter it, even for a tossed cookie.

I did the blue tunnel to a jump, pole wrapped and back through the tunnel, and rewarded her with a dog walk (when in doubt, do a contact!) And we called it a night.

The princess doesn’t like to get her feet wet–if it rains during Wine Country, you can count on me to be back in the trailer, making breakfast instead of running my dog!

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