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Weaves — On. Her. Own.

August 21, 2009

When I remember to let my little spotted princess process and think… I get spontaneous weaves. 😉

This morning, on the damp grass that gives her the wet toes she hates so much, Miss M. did four poles from a right side send. On one signal. At the end of the poles, after a click and a treat and while waiting for some more input from me, she decided to re-weave her four poles.

On. Her. Own.

Back at the entrance where she’d have to weave on the right, she wrote her own story again, offering a set of clean and continuous weaves, and then turned expectantly to me for the click and treat she assumed was coming.

On. Her. Own.

M’s capacity to process a skill when she’s given a couple days off from practicing that skill continues to amaze me. Now if I could just remember to keep tapping into that ‘quiet’ processing time so that we get back to 12 weaves, from the left or right, on one signal!

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