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On the move…

November 30, 2009 1 comment

Those of you who’ve been reading Dog Trainer’s Log for awhile might have been wondering when I’d get to that picture of Casey celebrating his birthday and the latest update on Princess M’s weave pole training. Soon, gang – soon – and I promise you’re going to enjoy what I’ve got in mind for December!

But this weekend instead of writing posts, I was building websites – one at that will be the new home of my survivorship blog Life Out Loud and my freelance writing projects; one for my food blog Kitchen Jam in development here; and one for Dog Trainer’s Log, evolving here.

None of these sites is ready for prime time yet – although I’m aiming to launch all of them officially later this week. When they’re ready, your links, bookmarks and RSS feeds to the sites will direct you automatically to their new domains. Until then, wish me luck as I work to make 30 years of writing and 10 years of tech training pay off.

I’ll update this site with the final addresses. Meanwhile, feel free to drop by and check out the construction. Look for some special December blog-warming projects at both Kitchen Jam and Dog Trainer’s Log as I feel out the dimensions of their new homes – and for the same old me (working under my real name now!) at Life Out Loud.

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