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Dog Owner’s Survey

October 1, 2009 1 comment
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On Twitter, @wholedogcamp has been asking people to complete this 10-question Dog Owners survey:

One note: if you’ve owned multiple dogs, you should complete a new survey for each individual dog. For me, that meant 8 surveys (Taryn, Jazz, Nola, Muni, Bard, Casey, Reuben and Madison) which took me about 15 minutes, total (~2 minutes/dog.) I didn’t fill out surveys for the temporary foster dogs who’ve lived here over the years. My surveys were only for personal dogs who have spent more than a year in my house (15, 14, 10, 10, 14, 14+, 4 and 3 years for the dogs recorded, respectively.)

I do wonder how my eight surveys’ answers – that I regularly use slip, prong and e-collars and a halti if needed – will jive in the survey tabulations with my affirmation in each survey that, in my estimation, my training methods are ‘firmly based in behavior science.’ Using aversives judiciously is firmly based in behavioral science – it’s just not the part of behavioral science that makes people feel warm and fuzzy, and therefore it doesn’t meet with approval in many current (vocal) dog training circles… 😉

@wholedogcamp promises results will be shared, so I’ll post them here when they’re available.

Meanwhile, if you’ve owned and trained a dog, consider completing this free survey. If you use slip, prong, and e-collars and use reinforcement methods based in behavioral science, speak up!

edit: 6 oct 2009 12:55 pm EST – issues with the survey link have been resolved and it’s still available — have you filled out surveys for your dogs yet?

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