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Afternoons as the only dog…

October 26, 2009 1 comment
Obedience Training Novice Class.
Image by Sukianto via Flickr

Casey depends on M.

M., for her part, seems to miss the old man sometimes – she’ll check for him outdoors, and look for him in the house. And the colder the night, the more eager she is to cuddle up with Casey.

But there’s no arguing with the way Madison shines and sparkles on those afternoons like Sunday, when she got to be the only dog in the car, at the show-n-go, in the ring. My full attention and a piece of string cheese got me her undivided attention, automatic sits, a flip finish and a rocket-launched recall.

Oh, there were plenty of no-sits, wide about turns, forges, and a lag or two. Ms. breed champion forgot that on a stand-for-exam, the point is to plant her feet and stand still. There was one brief moment when I thought she was going to happy dance herself right out of the ring – but instead, she turned and fronted when I called her back. Score one for judicious use of the appropriate electronic brain cell boosters. 😉

Overall, a Sunday afternoon as the only dog agrees with M.

So as much as I hate leaving the old man behind (he doesn’t care; he slept peacefully all afternoon), I’ll be giving M. more one-dog afternoons. It’s time for the princess to solo. It’s been a long time since I only had one dog to pack for a show. But it’s time.

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