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When Casey has a good day…

March 15, 2009 Comments off

Now and then I see it in your tail–
first a steady wag, and then it vibrates with purpose.
Now and then your gait is deliberate, and your eyes are bright.
Your goal is in sharp focus,
and I know that for a few minutes
you’ve found your tennis ball again.

Casey had three good days in a row last week.
He took Madison’s bone to chew whenever she left it unattended, slept all night long, and tail in full wagging vibration, he brought me his tennis ball.

More important–when I tossed the ball across the living room, Casey remembered that tennis balls exist for him to chase, to bounce upon, to snatch and catch and race back to me so that I can throw the tennis ball again. And when he was chasing the tennis ball, he stayed on task all the way through, instead of losing his tennis ball and forgetting that we were playing.

I love it when his tail wags, his eyes shine, and he remembers how to play.

Originally published at “Gaelen’s Cafe: Life Out Loud” March, 2009 (c) Patricia A. Steer
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